Ride motorcycle Go home For Spring Festival

Spring Festival is coming, four workers working in the city of china , packed their luggage, riding a motorcycle on the way home for Spring Festival. Wait will waiting for them in this journey?

* GameStory
This game is a story-driven arcade racing game. In the game you will need to play one of four workers on a motorbike home and control the motorcycle not to be hit by a car until they back to their home . It’s thousands of miles away. You will experience their own story on this motorcycle go home journey for the Chinese Spring Festival, and you will know why they must do this.

* Feature
Four unique go home for Spring Festival of chinese
Global Rank System
Good 3D graphics effect

* Tip
You can collect the coins on the way, you can repair your motorcycle by consuming gold when the car is broken.


Ride a motorcycle go home for the Spring Festival, will be constantly updated, please comment and give your feedback on the game to further improve.

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